...literally B.L.A.K

B L A K is an amalgamation of us…or more specifically our names, Brittney Kate + Amy Louise.

Want a team that will cover all the angles for you and ensure your project is uniquely you.. its @ project BLAK


Where it all starts. Whether it's a complete venue fit out, a street festival or wedding.. chances are the work starts here. This is where we research, collaborate, conceptualise and design.


AKA the Warehausen. This is our organised chaos, Aladdins Cave, the Room of Requirement! This is where our furniture obsession has led us. A shared space full of creatives we have been lucky enough to discover, be apart of and now manage as a collective.


We are no strangers to a constructions site, festival bump ins or styling a wedding. We wear many 'hats', make many things, drive many trucks.