A unique, Perth based design and hire studio with an archivist’s approach; merging creativity, sustainability and innovation within all projects. Working with clients to bring imagination and ideas into reality, weaving the narrative thread, connecting the past, present and future in a spatial experience. 


Launched in 2012, Project BLAK is literally an amalgamation of us; Brittney Kate + Amy Louise.
Starting with a restaurant design opportunity which allowed us to combine our love for restoring furniture and design, the business has grown from a small two car garage into our current warehouse space in Northbridge, Perth where we collect, restore and work.

Our work ethic is non-generic, our ideas are abstract and our creative process is to draw on the reaches of memory. We uniquely tailor each project to our client’s requirements and evolve the conversation into a vision; recognising function, form, material, technology and light. We work on a wide range of different design projects for hospitality, residential, events, product and furniture design and art installations. Some of our previous work includes The Standard, New Normal & Fringe World.

Project BLAK is also a furniture and prop rentals studio and we bring to you our unapologetically bold and playful collection of furniture, props and little details. Our timeless rental collection is used to create private events, weddings, festivals, photoshoots, film and production design. We can provide furniture layout plans and make the process simple by putting together a selection of the best suited items for you project.

Being resourceful and not wasteful is a big part of why we do what we do. If we can fix things rather than replace them, preserve the character and personality of an item or a space – then that is just as important as the new experiences people will make interacting with them.

We are the team that will cover all the angles for you and ensure your project is uniquely you.
We are Project BLAK.

Design driven, chair obsessed, creatives.


Where it all starts. Whether it's a complete venue fit out, a street festival or wedding.. chances are the work starts here. This is where we research, collaborate, conceptualise and design.


AKA the Warehausen. This is our organised chaos, Aladdins Cave, the Room of Requirement! This is where our furniture obsession has led us. A shared space full of creatives we have been lucky enough to discover, be apart of and now manage as a collective.


We are no strangers to a constructions site, festival bump ins or styling a wedding. We wear many 'hats', make many things, drive many trucks.