SOLAR HORIZONS Claremont Park, Rockeby Road Claremont

A burst of colour encapsulating an interpreted view of Australian landscape, culture and the environmental shift, project BLAK in collaboration with Australian artist Jules Sher we create, SOLAR HORIZON.

The artworks which capture the mood of earth and sky in the Australian lansdcape are transformed into the form of solar energy panels through the method of configuration and display.

Drawing focus on preserving our landscape we ensure the wondrous array of colours surrounding us to remain bold & vibrant throughout time.

“ In my paintings, an aerial point of view assists me in finding a more abstract vision of the landscape. In the studio, I reassemble my memories of the landscape, creating compositions that have spatial tension between open space and the placement of various landmarks.x

With the horizon line as a constant, I use the elements in an attempt to capture a certain mood in the relationship between earth and sky which is unique to Western Australia. “

Jules Sher